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We are proud to announce the new option to audit our courses!

Global Grace Seminary will allow audit students to audit courses in the Bachelor program.

An audit student may audit any of the foundational nine courses for $200 each and any of the three majors for $600 each.

Simply complete an Auditing Enrollment Form.

Next, the Registrar will send the auditing student an Auditing Sign Up Sheet where the student will sign up and pay for one course or major at a time.

When the Registrar receives the selection of course or major and payment confirmation, she will open the course or major to the student.

When the auditing student has completed auditing a course, he/she may request to audit another course or major by sending an email to the Registrar.

No credit will be earned. Tests, essays and reading assignments are not required.

If an audit student registered for the full credit program, money paid for auditing courses will be credited to their tuition.

Students will then be required to complete tests, essays and reading assignments on those courses previously audited.

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