Church Leadership
Master’s Curriculum

Master of Arts in
Church Leadership Curriculum

Master of Arts in
Church Leadership Curriculum

Master of Arts in
Church Leadership Curriculum

Global Grace Seminary is pleased to announce the Master of Arts program in Church Leadership. Students will learn from respected professors from around the world who are leading in making a global impact with the gospel of grace. Prepare yourself to be better equipped to join the growing ministry of grace that is gaining momentum every day. Be a part of a cutting edge school that focuses on an education from a pure grace perspective. Some of the areas of study include:

∙ Church Leadership Ethics
∙ Church Management
∙ Coaching
∙ Conflict Management
∙ Developing as a Leader
∙ Foundations of Leadership
∙ Interpersonal Communication
∙ Leadership Models and Theories
∙ The Leader and Grace

The proposed Master of Arts in Church Leadership empowers leaders through skills development, acquiring knowledge and increasing their abilities. This program intends to bring together in school adults to deepen their leadership, church administration, and soft skills knowledge and foster active participation in good governance processes and capacity building within the church. Students will be complete the equivalent 40 hours of leadership develop course work. In addition to providing leadership courses that help students develop soft skills, we incorporate practical biblical examples to help apply leadership principles. The proposed program will prepare students for career opportunities such as executive pastor, faith-based organization management, leadership coaching and not-for-profit marketing and administration. Students will be equipped with a biblical education firmly grounded in organizational leadership required in today’s ministry settings. With a focus on motivating teams, strategic thinking, spiritual formation, and corporate and personal ethics, students will be prepared to lead in the church, parachurch, missions, and marketplace contexts. Master of Arts Church Leadership graduates will be able to:

∙ Examine and apply organizational leadership theories.
∙ Manage organizational behavior and change to increase organizational effectiveness.
∙ Create leadership development plans for self-awareness and improvement.
∙ Employ qualitative and quantitative research for organizational analysis and problem-solving.
∙ Facilitate organizational group formation and development.
∙ Apply coaching and mentoring skills to organizational leadership.
∙ Analyze organizational and interpersonal communication skills for satisfaction and effectiveness.
∙ Develop and implement strategic plans to achieve organizational effectiveness and
∙ Utilize information technologies in the design and leadership of an organization, and
identify the driving forces affecting organizations now and in the future.
∙ Apply organizational leadership knowledge and skills within a global context.
∙ Lead with integrity grounded in a Christian worldview and values system.

Classes are available online and may be completed at the students own pace. Tuition is reasonably priced and a monthly payment plan is available. Our Master of Arts faculty currently includes well respected professors from around the world who are leading the way in grace through their respective teachings, writings and ministry endeavors. Some of the professors are:

Wm. Paul Young
Dr. Baxter Kruger
Dr. Steve McVey
Alisa J. Henley, PHR, M.P.A
Pastor Antoine Lee, M.Div, MBA
Karen Blankenship, M.A.

The prerequisites are the first five courses of the Bachelors program and are required to start the Master Program. COURSE ONE: Foundation of Grace – COURSE TWO: Nature of God – COURSE THREE: Identity – COURSE FOUR: Law & Grace – COURSE FIVE: Finished Work of the Cross. However, if you are a GGS Bachelor’s graduate you do not have to retake these courses.
Watch for announcements of additional professors who will soon join our teaching faculty in this program. The study and staff will only improve with time. The only missing ingredient is the student – you! Enroll now to get started studying for your Master of Arts degree from a respected seminary with a stellar faculty.
The time will never be better so enroll today!