Global Grace Seminary is now offering the same radical grace teachings for those who want to gain the knowledge but do not seek to earn a degree. No tests, No essay papers, No required reading, and all at a reduced cost! Additionally, many GGS Master's Graduates began their degree program having obtained their Bachelor's Degree from another institution and now wish to return to our Bachelor Courses simply for the knowledge.

For the first time ever, anyone can gain access to selected GGS courses. Simply sign up for the courses you want, in the order you want! We currently offer our foundational courses, but check back often for more to come.

Introduction to Grace Free
Foundations $150
The Nature of God $150
Identity and Inheritance $150
Law and Grace $150
The Finished Work of the Cross $150
Salvation $150
Gospel of Paul $150
New Creation Living $150
The Grace Culture and Community $150