Master of Arts in
Theology Curriculum

Global Grace Seminary is pleased to announce the Master of Arts program in Practical Theology. This Study begins with the character of God and His relationship to humanity using the authority of Scripture and the legacy of church history as the framework for gaining a deeper understanding of grace while earning an advanced degree. Students will learn from respected professors from around the world who are leading in making a global impact with the gospel of grace. Prepare yourself to be better equipped to join the growing ministry of grace that is gaining momentum every day. Be a part of a cutting edge school that focuses on an education from a pure grace perspective. Some of the areas of study include:

∙ Incarnational Theology
∙ Foundations of Grace
∙ Old Testament Interpretation
∙ New Testament Interpretation
∙ Biblical Hermeneutics
∙ Holistic Grace
∙ Cruciform Theology
∙ Practical Theology

Classes are available online and may be completed at the students own pace. Tuition is reasonably priced and a monthly payment plan is available. Our Master of Arts faculty currently includes well respected professors from around the world who are leading the way in grace through their respective teachings, writings and ministry endeavors. Some of the professors are:

Brad Jersak – Canada
Stewart Johnson – Australia
Steve McVey – United States
Andre Oosthuizen – South Africa
Malcolm Smith – United States
Craig Snyder – United States

The prerequisites are the first five courses of the Bachelors program and are required to start the Master Program. COURSE ONE: Foundation of Grace – COURSE TWO: Nature of God – COURSE THREE: Identity – COURSE FOUR: Law & Grace – COURSE FIVE: Finished Work of the Cross. However, if you are a GGS Bachelor’s graduate you do not have to retake these courses.
Watch for announcements of additional professors who will soon join our teaching faculty in this program. The study and staff will only improve with time. The only missing ingredient is the student – you! Enroll now to get started studying for your Master of Arts degree from a respected seminary with a stellar faculty.
The time will never be better so enroll today!