What Our Students Are Saying

David McVey – Bachelor's Student

“I have been very blessed by the GGS family. I have found that the teachings speak not only to my academic hunger, but to my insatiable desire to explore the infinite Love of God. The amazing thing about the faculty is their ability to expose and challenge hidden doctrines that I didn’t even know were there. Through the freedom of self discovery, we as students have been shown the importance of boldly standing before the Divine Teacher, with an open willingness to experience Real Truth. The added benefit of this seminary is the student body. They have contributed so much wisdom, love, and and critical thought in this process. They have been so instrumental to all that I am learning. It is inspirational and motivational to be surrounded by so many spiritual adventurers.”

Kay Saunders – Bachelor's Student

“I’ve been a student since January (2017) & have really been impacted with the goodness and kindness and self-emptying love of God toward mankind. This is what came to mind first (when asked about the seminary) but there is so much more I have learned. GGS is such a blessing!”

Bob Howell – Bachelor's Student

“I was well along this journey by the time I joined. But it is good to be affirmed and not feel so alone out there.”

Don Madere – Bachelor's Student

“Just been more of a confirmation to this point that I have heard His voice clearly all along since I met Him.”

Bill Thrasher – Bachelor's Student

“My paradigm shift has not been so much of a what, but rather a who! GGS has given me a community of support and encouragement. For quite a while I thought I was an ‘inclusive outsider’ sitting inside the ‘exclusive church’. Now I have an ‘inclusive choir’ that is preaching to me what my soul has known for years!”

Rose Webb – Bachelor's Student

“The Father introduced me to GGS in my search for a more complete understanding of the pure gospel of grace. I had begun to recognize that the questions I had had all of my life were actually inspired, legitimate and directional in my search for truth. Questions as simple as: Why do I need to ask the Holy Spirit to come into my heart every morning? – I didn’t ask him to leave when I went to sleep! Questions as complex as: Why do I feel so “less than” as a woman in the church when God created both Adam and Eve in his image and likeness and gave them (together) the instructions to govern, reign and have dominion of the earth? (I’m learning that the secret to getting the right answers is to ask the right questions) GGS speaks to my questions and does it in a positive, affirming and graceful manner without the pressure-filled, shame-based approach that I have been so accustomed to all my life. For this I praise God and am so very thankful to these wonderful instructors! The glorious gospel is way better than I ever dared to dream and I am so blessed to have this opportunity to learn and grow in my understanding and articulation so as to be able to share it with others in the same confident and gracious manner it is being shared with me. Cheers to all of you at GGS for making this possible.”

Vicki Frydrych – Bachelor's Student

“All revelation is His and He revealed some truth to me that none of my circle of ministry friends agreed with. Although I am a student of the Word and well able to study the text, I am not a theologian. This left me with new beliefs that resonate richly within, but which I was unable to defend systematically. I have multiple secular degrees, but am not great at self-study. I was dry and needing something to help satisfy my hunger and it needed structure. I found Global Grace Seminary from FB posts. I still am not sure how I found them on FB. Could He have orchestrated it so wonderfully? I attended the first conference with my ministry friends and although I was well encouraged, they struggled and it was a difficult time for our group. I met with Dr. Cockerham and discussed the program. My parents had recently died and I received an inheritance which allowed me to enroll (beauty from ashes). One of the first lectures was No Sin Consciousness, something God had revealed to me. Heb 10. The High Priest HAD come that offered the sacrifice capable of removing sin, all sin, forever. There is, for us, no more sin consciousness. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil had been uprooted and we now get to live with no consciousness of sin. To hear teaching on the very topic I was passionate about as I began the coursework, confirmed to me that I was in the right place. Since, my box is shaken often, more revelation is confirmed and one day soon I may be able to well-defend my beliefs.”

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