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Global Grace Seminary is now offering a Certification program for those who wish to take the same grace teachings as our credit programs, but not have to take tests or write essays. You may pay and take one course at a time or pay for all up front and save money. When you complete all ten courses, you will be issued a Certificate of Completion.

All students will take the Bachelor Core courses as part of their degree curriculum. When the core course work is completed, a major is chosen and completed to earn your Bachelor of Ministry degree. The tuition price includes all course work.

3 Ways To Pay:

Full Payment


Save if you pay for all 10 course at once.

Pay as You Go


Pay for each course as you take it.

All costs and fees are final. We are committed to keeping your costs and our cost low, without sacrificing our commitment to a quality education. Please direct all questions or concerns about fees to the Registrar.