Statement of Faith


Our vision is to take the message of unconditional grace to the nations, and to educate and prepare this generation with the truth of the Finished Work of Jesus Christ.


Our mission is to provide a quality, undiluted, unapologetically grace-based education that will guide men and women into a greater awareness of the eternal truth – ‘Christ in you, the hope of glory’, thus empowering them to saturate the nations with the love of God for all of His creation.

We are…


There is one God equally existent in three distinct persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  This tri-unity (or trinity) reflects the relational nature of the cosmos wherein God desires above all else connection and relationship, both within the Godhead and with their creation.  This concept is best encapsulated in the profound statement made by the Apostle John: God is Love.


Jesus Christ, who is The Word of God (logos), exists as the perfect revelation of all that God is.  By stating that we are Christocentric, we acknowledge the uniqueness of Jesus as THE (exclusive) visible image of the invisible God.  Fully man and fully divine, Jesus is indeed perfect theology. 


The death, burial, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ excludes no one but was uniformly applied to all of the creation.  His death was our death and His resurrection our resurrection.  The alienation man once felt from God, but which existed not in fact but exclusively within the mistaken identity of man’s mind, has been fully reconciled through Jesus.  While the inclusion of all humanity in the Finished Work of Jesus did not require man’s consent, reception of this fully applied gift is necessary for one to experience the fullness of joy that is already theirs.

A Note on Academic Freedom

The message of unconditional love, grace, and Christocentric inclusion that is the bedrock of Global Grace Seminary is not stagnant, fixed, or authoritarian. Rather, we understand that these guiding principles represent a spectrum with some differences of opinion throughout the grace community. To that end, it is our mission to provide our students exposure to a wide array of theological concepts and scholarship. Not only is there no expectation that students fully agree with their professors, but in fact we celebrate the diversity of perspectives to which we are able to expose them. As all operate from a place of love and community, polite, civil discourse conducted in good faith is our academic standard; not conformity.