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If you are interested in obtaining a solid foundation in grace but do not have the time to commit to a full degree program, the Certificate of Grace Studies is for you!  Created with life-long learners in mind, this unique opportunity grants students access to all 10 Core Courses of the GGS curriculum without tests or per-course writing assignments.  Students can review the course lectures at their own pace and then, if they so choose, submit a final writing assignment which, upon acceptance, will fulfill their requirements for the Certificate of Grace Studies

Not only does your enrollment include the certificate program, but it grants you access to the broader community of resources found on the Grace Family Network!  It’s like social media…but without the ads, irrelevant links, and spam.  Online community engagement is a powerful tool in our digitally interconnected world.  It serves as the lifeblood of social interactions, fostering a sense of belonging, support, and collaboration that transcends geographical boundaries.  In real time you can communicate with someone across the world, sharing in the wondrous message of the unconditional love of Father, Son, and Spirit for ALL people.  While in-person interaction remains the gold-standard of fellowship, the Grace Family Network creates a safe space for like-minded brethren to seek advice, share experience, offer support, and grow in their awareness of Christ Jesus and all He accomplished in-and-as us.

Below are a list of the 10 Core Courses:​

Foundation of Grace

Understanding the Foundation of Grace in Scripture will give you a much clearer picture of sovereignty of God. From the early church fathers to those on the cutting edge of Radical Grace today, you will find a long line of men who have upheld the grace foundation of God’s word. In this course we will explore a survey of scriptures to show that the Bible in its entirety teaches the doctrinal Foundation of Grace.

Nature of God

The true nature of God is demonstrated in His grace, as seen in His love for all humanity. While all men deserve wrath, God moved heaven and earth to save man, the pinnacle of His creation. This He did, because the essence of God is love. In this course, you will learn about the true nature of God demonstrated by love and grace toward all mankind from the foundation of the world.

Identity & Inheritance

The Identity that God established for you before time began is the key that empowers you and is the single most important factor in a life of authority and power as a believer. In this course you will learn your Identity in Christ and you will come to a complete understanding that we live in Him, and He in us. This Identity gives the same power and authority to walk in heavenly realms as He does. We are then able to declare the kingdom of God on earth with signs and wonders following.

Law & Grace

God’s desire for us is that we should prosper and succeed in every area of life. Grace moves us toward this success. God does not want us to become stunted in our growth because we have allowed legalism to cut off our taproot into grace. In this course we will discover how Grace empowers you to become all that God designed you to be, apart from the Law or expectations of others. You will learn how Grace, apart from the Law, gives all men security and stability to grow and change.

Finished Work of the Cross

Paul’s letter to the Romans may be the most influential book in the history of Christianity. It was the Book of Romans that started the Reformation of the 16th great spiritual awakening since then. In this course you will learn all that Jesus accomplished for the human race when He declared “It is finished.” Romans will lay the foundation and bring the revelation that will equip you to release your world with the message of Radical Grace.


Through grace and the finished work of Christ, God secured for mankind absolute peace, yet most of us waver in our understanding of that peace. At its core, this security is rooted in our union with God in Christ. In this course you will learn all that grace has freely given to mankind through Salvation. Salvation is a full package of benefits that includes forgiveness of sins, healing, deliverance, and prosperity. This course will expand upon “It is finished” and the full relationship to God it provides.

Gospel of Paul

Paul is the only writer in the New Testament who calls the gospel “My Gospel” (Romans 2:16, Romans 16:25, & II Timothy 2:8). Paul’s message differs from all the other writers in the New Testament. In this course we will explore what makes Paul’s revelation distinctive from all others. You will study Paul’s teaching on no sin, no condemnation, no delay, no distance, life and immortality. Learn the unique features of Paul’s post resurrection revelations found in no other gospel.

New Creation Living

Throughout the Bible we discover literal or figurative expressions that constitute the human condition. Words like heart and mind seem to be used interchangeably with spirit and soul. Yet Paul makes a clear distinction of God’s desire for our wholeness, Spirit, Soul & Body (I Thessalonians 5:23). In this course we will explore the differences between Spirit, Soul, and Body. We will also learn how to separate the spirit from the soul for clarification and then unite them for cooperation. This course will teach you how to bring Spirit, Soul, and Body together to function as the three part man that God intended.

The Grace Culture and Community

Radical grace is not a new doctrine or truth that is just impacting our world today. In this course you will learn the roots of radical grace as taught by early church fathers. The Reformers themselves were convinced that pure grace was not only biblical but historical. Both the apostles and early church fathers walked in agreement that the heart of the gospel is Radical Grace.

No Penal Substitution

In this course, you will discover the redefining of certain aspects of our prior understanding of the Cross and the reason for Jesus’ Passion. As we awaken spiritually, we realize that we have merely had a partial knowledge of certain portions of Scripture. It is time to move beyond the stage of “looking through a glass darkly.” If we do not see the truth clearly, we cannot minister from that subject with clarity. Once clarity comes, and the spiritual quickening of Scripture takes place within us, we are confident to explain, teach, and minister from that perspective.


Participants also receive free access to the Grace Family Network, a private, grace-centered online community offering discussion boards, member chat, and exclusive learning opportunities.

All costs and fees are final. We are committed to keeping your costs and our cost low, without sacrificing our commitment to a quality education. Please direct all questions or concerns about fees to the Registrar.